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Normatec Recovery Boots

Recover Better.

Get back at it faster and fresher by using our Recovery Room to aid your recovery time between hard workouts.


We recognize that gaining access to high end recovery equipment can get very expensive, very quickly!  Because of this we have stocked our recovery room with equipment you can use at a low cost per session to recover faster from hard workouts in order to suit up and go at it again!


Call us to schedule a time to learn how to use our recovery equipment.  After your initial session, either call ahead or simply drop in during our business hours (8a-7p MWF) and use our equipment!  


The cost of each session is $15. 

Five session passes may be purchased for $50.


Call Today! 740-263-7997


Normatec Recovery Boots

NormaTec Recovery Boots, Hips, & Shoulders

The NormaTec Recovery System is an amazing solution for athletes looking to aid their recovery and reduced soreness.  It works through pulsing compression that helps massage muscles and circulate blood flow in order to relax your tissues and stimulate recovery.

Hypervolt by Hyperice

The Hypervolt by Hyperice is a percussion massage tool that is used to target tight and sore muscles that need to relax for better function and blood flow.

Blood Flow Resriction SportPRO Phyiscal

Blood Flow Restriction

Blow flow restriction (BFR) works by limiting venous blood flow and creating an environment that will stimulate muscle growth at a very low resistance.  This means that you can utilize BFR on a rest day to continue making progress on muscle strength while not placing significant stress on the muscles!

Vyper & Hypersphere by HyperIce

The Vyper by HyperIce is a vibrating foam roller and the Hypersphere is a vibrating trigger point ball.  These devices both come with three vibration settings that offers a variety of intensities for soothing away muscle tightness and soreness.  They operate similar to a traditional foam roller and trigger point ball while the vibration helps to expedite tissue relaxation.

Knee Sprain Therapy
Low Back Pain

Venom Back Heat & Vibration Brace

The Venom Back Heat & Vibration Brace offers a wearable solution to low back stiffness and soreness.  It uses a combination of heat to relax your back muscles and vibration to soothe away stiffness.

Variety of Foam Rollers

We house a variety of foam rollers with various widths, lengths, and textures in order to better aid all of your foam rolling needs.

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