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Functional movement screen


Keep your athletes on the field!

FMS PRogram

We provide a clear solution for reducing injuries and improving your athletes' movement foundation.

How does it work?

functional movement screen

The FMS is a seven point movement assessment that utilizes movement patterns to determine if an individual struggles with any specific movements that are critical to their sport.  Movement is the foundation for all sports performance making it the logical first step in off season training.

Performance Pyramid.JPG

Our staff will educate your athletes on proper exercise technique based on the results of the assessment that can be completed at home or as an individualized part of a team warm up.



We are here for you along the way to keep you on track for the daily grind of improving your mobility.  The work is challenging but very effective for those who are diligent.  We provide a monthly assessment time for athletes to be reassessed and progressions are provided at this time to maximize movement performance.

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FMS program cost is $25 per assessment (minimum 5 athletes)
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